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Membership Roll1 [01/03/1980] p01Bulletin
Early days of setting up the Society1 [01/05/1980] p02Bulletin
First visit to Barclays Archives - Earliest cheques mentioned2 [01/08/1980] p01Bulletin
Society progress & notice of 1st A.G.M.3 [01/03/1981] p01Bulletin
Jones, TReport of visit to Barclays Archives4 [01/03/1981] p02Bulletin
Grant.G.LCheques & Stamp Duty - The Early Years4 [01/03/1981] p03Bulletin
Grant,G.LThe Cheque Bank Ltd 1893 - 19015 [01/10/1982] p01Article
Beale, A.JEarly Classic English Cheques - Parts I & II5 [01/10/1982] p02Article
Shaw,DEarly Scottish Cheques - 1st listing & appeal for further info6 [01/10/1984] p01Article
Beale, A.JEarly Classic English Cheques - Part III6 [01/10/1984] p02Article
Beale, A.JEarly Classic English Cheques - Part IV7 [01/02/1985] p01Article
Leonard,J.VThoughts & Confusions of a Novice Cheque Collector7 [01/02/1985] p02Article
Report of 1st Meeting of B.C.C.S. members8 [01/07/1985] p01Bulletin
Davies, KQuery re Bronn Janson8 [01/07/1985] p02Letter
Cheque collecting themes - suggestions from members9 [01/10/1985] p01Bulletin
Narbeth,COldest Scottish Banknote 16--9 [01/10/1985] p02Photo
Noll, J.EChecks for use with the De La Rue Automatic Cash System9 [01/10/1985] p03Article
Grant, G.LCheques & Stamp Duty - The Early Years -as in Bulletin 410 [01/02/1986] p01Article
Gibb, AAllan & Steuart - Bankers in Edinburgh. Can you Help?10 [01/02/1986] p02Query
Ryton, JEarly Exeter Banks11 [01/07/1986] p01Article
Thorpe, D G HA History of the English Clearing Banks11 [01/07/1986] p02Article
A 1687 document & an 1802 letter - both interesting11 [01/07/1986] p03
Thorpe, D G HA History of the English Clearing Banks - Part 212 [01/11/1986] p01Article
Veissid, M1st Cheque Auction listing for members12 [01/11/1986] p02List
Godward, WAutographed cheques & Famous Signatures12 [01/11/1986] p03Article
Veissid.M2nd Cheque Auction listing for members13 [01/04/1987] p01List
Parfit,CEphemera in a Library13 [01/04/1987] p02Article
Midland Bank - 150th Anniversary.Newspaper article13 [01/04/1987] p03Article
Thorpe, D G HGoldsmith to Banker & The Earliest Known Cheque14 [01/06/1987] p10Article
Purser, J CSmiths Bank in Nottingham14 [01/06/1987] p14Article
Purser, J CUnion Bank of London14 [01/06/1987] p15Article
Purser, J CLloyds Bank Ltd. Edgbaston Branch14 [01/06/1987] p16Article
A Guide to High Street Cash Dispensers14 [01/06/1987] p18Article
Banking on a Hobby with Interest14 [01/06/1987] p19Article
Gibb, AThe Earliest Printed Cheque15 [01/09/1987] p08Article
Thorpe, D G HThe Bank of England15 [01/09/1987] p13Article
Woodhall, D PReminiscences of a Former Bank Junior - Part 115 [01/09/1987] p16Article
Country Bankers16 [01/12/1987] p10Article
Chiles, Olan DAutograph Checks16 [01/12/1987] p13Article
Purser, J CBirmingham Municipal Banks - The Early Days16 [01/12/1987] p19Article
Woodhall, D PChristian Name Abbreviations on Documents16 [01/12/1987] p21Article
How Forgers go it down to a fine Art16 [01/12/1987] p26Article
Dickens pays up - 135 years late16 [01/12/1987] p27Article
Nat West Bank, Irongate Derby17 [01/03/1988] p08Article
Thorpe, D G HJoint Stock Banking17 [01/03/1988] p10Article
Lloyds Bank GuideMoney Matters No 217 [01/03/1988] p13Article
Woodhall, D PReminiscences of a Former Bank Junior - Part 217 [01/03/1988] p17Article
Smart Money goes Plastic17 [01/03/1988] p22Article
Tatcho Laboratories cheque17 [01/03/1988] p27Advert
Parfit, CliffGovernor Johnstone18 [01/06/1988] p07Article
Thorpe, D G HThe Beginning of Branch Banking18 [01/06/1988] p10Article
City of Glasgow Cheques18 [01/06/1988] p13Photos
Bank of Mona Peel cheques18 [01/06/1988] p14Photos
Lewis's Bank Birmingham Specimen Cheque19 [01/06/1988] p05Photos
Shaw, DThe Earliest Banking Letter19 [01/09/1988] p10Article
Present Day Banking19 [01/09/1988] p13Article
Shaw, DTracing Your own Local Bankers19 [01/09/1988] p17Article
Hagues, Strickland & Allen, Malton Cheques19 [01/09/1988] p18Photos
Bower, Hutton & Hall, Malton Cheques19 [01/09/1988] p19Photos
Reed, HFriends Reading Scty Presidential Address Early Quaker Banking19 [01/09/1988] p20Article
Gibb, AOddball Issuers20 [01/02/1990] p03Article
Gibb, AWhat is a Bank?20 [01/02/1990] p06Article
Grant, G LGreenways Bank20 [01/02/1990] p08Article
Tedds, MA Derby Bank Failure - Bellairs, Sons & Co.20 [01/02/1990] p10Article
Notes & Queries20 [01/02/1990] p13Article
Woodhall, D PSome Abbreviations Identified20 [01/02/1990] p15Article
Beale, TEarly English Classic Cheques21 [Spring 90] p04Article
Lloyds Bank in Birmingham21 [Spring 90] p06Article
Murray, EOld Bank to Crumble in Shops Scheme,the High Street, Coventry21 [Spring 90] p09Article
Myson, KA Blank Area for you to cross- B of England Birmingham Branch21 [Spring 90] p10Article
Wilkinson, WThe City of Glasgow Bank22 [01/09/1990] p06Article
Piper, DSir James Esdaile and Co.22 [01/09/1990] p08Article
Beale, TThe Birth of the English Cheque22 [01/09/1990] p10Article
Barlev, ZWhat is a Bank? Jewish Colonial Trust22 [01/09/1990] p13Article
Tedds, MHenry S King & Co.22 [01/09/1990] p14Article
London Trading Bank Ltd. Cheque22 [01/09/1990] p22Advert
Beale, TThe Birth of the English Cheque22 [01/09/1990] p13Article
Tedds, MThe Cheque Bank (Limited)23 [01/09/1991] p16Article
Bankers Complaints - by Bassett & Grants of Leighton Buzzard23 [01/09/1991] p21Letter
Woodhall, D PThe Birmingham Municipal Bank23 [01/09/1991] p22Article
R Fryer Cheque and Article23 [01/09/1991] p24Article
Grant, G LChequelets23 [01/09/1991] p25Article
Tedds, MLetter Box - Stamp Duty Coding23 [01/09/1991] p27Article
Grant, G LChequelets - Inland Revenue Forged Cheques25 [01/06/1993] p08Article
Checkland, S GJohn More, Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Branch25 [01/06/1993] p10Article
Vort -Ronald, M PThe Australian Fauna Collection Cheques25 [01/06/1993] p12Article
The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street25 [01/06/1993] p15Article
American Express Travellers Cheques - 100 years old26 [01/06/1993] p04Article
Gibb, AThe Clearing House System and its Codes26 [01/09/1993] p06Article
Grant, G LThat was the way it was27 [01/11/1993] p07Article
Lloyds Bank California Pictorial Checks27 [01/11/1993] p12Photos
Klein, GCheques - A Missed Opportunity27 [01/11/1993] p13Article
Spence, R. AA Guide to Cheque Collecting VIII27 [01/11/1993] p15Article
The User Friendly Cheque Book27 [01/11/1993] p21Article
Bank of England cheques signed by Lord Mayors of London27 [01/11/1993] p24Photos
Woodhall, D. PThe Clearing House System28 [01/02/1994] p07Article
Loyd, Entwhistle and Co28 [01/02/1994] p09Article
De Mello, ECollecting World Cheques28 [01/02/1994] p10Article
Smart Money28 [01/02/1994] p16Article
Preston, HThe Bank of Public Opinion cheque28 [01/02/1994] p19Letter
Quinn, TThe Cheque Scene Royal Family Signed Cheques of Coutts and Co28 [01/02/1994] p20Article
Purser, J. CCheque Collecting - Dead or Alive - or are we past it?28 [01/02/1994] p22Article
Cheques signed by Lord Mayors of London28 [01/02/1994] p24Photos
Swift, DThe East Lothian Banking Co, Dunbar29 [01/05/1994] 6 & 8Article
Bank Error Collects USA $15 Million29 [01/05/1994] p09Article
Bank of Edinburgh bows out29 [01/05/1994] p09Article
Grant, G. LThey Do Get Everywhere - Goslings and Sharpe Cheques29 [01/05/1994] p10Article
Bank of Credit & Commerce International. (BCCI)29 [01/05/1994] p15Article
Spence, RChecks - In The Eye of the Beholder29 [01/05/1994] p16Article
Parker, AA Country Bank - Cobbs of Margate29 [01/05/1994] p20Article
Bank of Credit & Commerce International. (BCCI) - Update30 [01/08/1994] p07Article
Videophone Banking - Co-op Bank30 [01/08/1994] p08Article
Beale, TThose not-so-crazy Coutts30 [01/08/1994] p13Article
Woodhall, D. PThe Macartney Embassy to China 1792-9430 [01/08/1994] p16Article
Woodruff, RFarrows Bank Limited30 [01/08/1994] p17Article
Pennant -Rea, RThe Bank of England - 300 Years Old30 [01/08/1994] p27Article
Early Bank of England Cheques30 [01/08/1994] p32Photos
BCCI sign comes down31 [01/09/1994] p07Photo
Grant, G LFarrows Bank Limited - Again31 [01/09/1994] p08Article
Stock Exchange Shares Roll of History31 [01/09/1994] p13Article
Travellers Cheques; Favoured Travel Cash31 [01/09/1994] p13Article
Beale, TCoutts Encore31 [01/09/1994] p15Article
Spence, RThe American Page - Pictorial American Checks31 [01/09/1994] p20Article
A. GibbBanking on Tea31 [01/09/1994] p23Article
Nat West Plans to Restore Hall at 1 Princes Street31 [01/09/1994] p27Article
Now it's twice as hard to spot forged £20 Notes31 [01/09/1994] p29Article
Gorst - Williams, JessicaWhen Crisp Notes Get Burned Up In The Microwave31 [01/09/1994] p30Article
Purser, J CBooking the Past For The Future32 [01/02/1995] p08Article
Purser, J CA Window Of The (Past) World - A Tale Of Two Banks32 [01/02/1995] p09Article
Grant, G LForgers All!32 [01/02/1995] p11Article
A Profile of Fiona Maccoll - Group Archivist of Nat West Bank32 [01/02/1995] p16Article
Preston, HRe - Change of Name to The British Banking History Society32 [01/02/1995] p19Letter
Lord, MThe Lord Is My Light32 [01/02/1995] p21Article
Swift, DThe Huddersfield Banking Co & Hugh Watt32 [01/02/1995] p23Article
Lloyds To Close City Branch in Carlton St, Nottingham32 [01/02/1995] p26Article
Coutts branches sold for £11,00032 [01/02/1995] p28Article
B.C.C.I. - The Final Chapter?32 [01/02/1995] p29Article
Cheque Point - Morris & Clayton Cheque33 [01/04/1995] p07Article
Banking - Czechoslovakia Style33 [01/04/1995] p08Article
Swift, DWlloughby - de Broke Receipt of 177033 [01/04/1995] p09Article
McIvor, GFinnish Banks Seek Safety in Numbers33 [01/04/1995] p12Article
Run On A Penny Bank On This Day 23/3/188833 [01/04/1995] p14Article
New Era For Black Horse Bank In The City33 [01/04/1995] p15Article
The American Page - Checking The Past33 [01/04/1995] p16Article
Cheque Processing Moves Out Of House33 [01/04/1995] p18Article
Halifax and Leeds Win Approval For Merger Plans33 [01/04/1995] p22Article
The Building Societies - Further Developments33 [01/04/1995] p23Article
The Royal Bank of Scotland, 14 George Street, Edinburgh Office33 [01/04/1995] p24Article
Cox, TThe Low Down On Paper Money Holders33 [01/04/1995] p26Article
Put the Boot into Disclosure Rules33 [01/04/1995] p28Article
The Chance to Acquire a Celebrity Signed Cheque33 [01/04/1995] p30Article
Cameron, A. Bank of Scotland ArchivistBank of Scotland 1695-199534 [01/06/1995] p05Article
Private Banks Woo The New Rich34 [01/06/1995] p09Article
Following in Pepy's Footsteps34 [01/06/1995] p12Article
Shaw, DBanks Which Suspended Payment34 [01/06/1995] p14Article
Spence, RCheck drawn in Sugar Pounds34 [01/06/1995] p17Article
Grant, G LLetter re Clayton & Morris Cheque34 [01/06/1995] p19Letter
Grant ,G.LBeckett's Bank34 [01/06/1995] p20Article
Kinsey, S of Midland Bank Plc ArchivesCan You Beat This? - Largest Drawn Cheque34 [01/06/1995] p23Article
Shaw, DOverprinted Cheques34 [01/06/1995] p24Article
1 Princes Street - New Look Gets Underway34 [01/06/1995] p29Article
Lord MThe Royal Bank of Scotland - 14 George St Edinburgh35 [01/08/1995] p07Article
Shaw, DMr. William Whiteley35 [01/08/1995] p14Article
Fildes, CDirectors Of The Bank (of England)35 [01/08/1995] p15Article
Keyworth. JA Window on the Bank of England Museum35 [01/08/1995] p18Article
Grant, G.LSo would you or wouldn't you?35 [01/08/1995] p23Article
Lloyds Bank ArchiveBuccaneering Tales from a Bank's Secret Library35 [01/08/1995] p24Article
Maintaining the Chinese Walls for 200 Years at Coutts35 [01/08/1995] p25Article
Comments on proposals to change the name of the Society35 [01/08/1995] 27 etcLetters
Clayton & Morris cheque - further info35 [01/08/1995] p30Article
National Westminster Bank 25 years old35 [01/08/1995] p32Article
National Westminster may lease the tower35 [01/08/1995] p38Article
Lloyds makes the right move for left - handers!36 [01/11/1995] p08Article
Lord, P.MBank of England Dividend Warrants36 [01/11/1995] p10Article
Bank of England Western Branch, Burlington Gardens36 [01/11/1995] p11Article
Grant, G.LMorton Rose & Co36 [01/11/1995] p12Article
Police Move in on Cheque Criminals36 [01/11/1995] p14Article
Have you seen ….. Gurneys cheque with "CANCELLED STAMP"36 [01/11/1995] p16Article
Purser, J CBirmingham Municipal Bank36 [01/11/1995] p17Article
Purser, J CWestern Trust & Savings Ltd36 [01/11/1995] p18Article
Gibb, ACheck that Cheque36 [01/11/1995] p20Article
Barclays Bank Ltd West Green cheque & Bill36 [01/11/1995] p27Article
Ely, BWhy I took up Cheque Collecting - 136 [01/11/1995] p28Article
Shaw, DMessrs Arthur Heywood, Sons & Co.36 [01/11/1995] p31Article
McNab, P.AWhen I was a Banker36 [01/11/1995] p34Article
APACS Launches Scheme to Combat Cheque Fraud36 [01/11/1995] p39Article
Cook, LindsayMasterpiece at Midland Bank Head Office37 [01/02/1996] p12Article
The Great Bank Amalgamation - Barclay & Co. Ltd. in 189637 [01/02/1996] p14Article
Grant, G.LArnold Nesbitt Esq & Co.37 [01/02/1996] p16Article
Quarmby, ELancaster Banking Co.37 [01/02/1996] p19Article
Shaw, DFinding those Links - Pease & Co - Midland Bank37 [01/02/1996] p27Article
Bank of England Dividend Warrants37 [01/02/1996] p30Article
Lord Tennyson Cheque37 [01/02/1996] p31Article
Parker, AWhy I took up Cheque Collecting - 237 [01/02/1996] p32Article
Lord. MDid you know…......2 types of Irish green 2d Stamp Duty37 [01/02/1996] p37Article
Macmillan, ADrawing a Cheque in 181237 [01/02/1996] p38Article
Weever, PNatWest Eyes on Standard Chartered ?37 [01/02/1996] p41Article
Brought down to Earth by Cheque Theft - Patrick Moore38 [01/05/1996] p09Article
Ruderman, AA family Firm - Ashford Bank 1791 -199138 [01/05/1996] p10Article
Pitman, JFamily Bank where Traditions are Family Currency C Hoare38 [01/05/1996] p18Article
Coutts to open Branch in City ( Nottingham)38 [01/05/1996] p19Article
Spence, R & HThe American Page - USA Territorial Checks38 [01/05/1996] p20Article
Barclays Bank Centenary38 [01/05/1996] p23Article
Gibb, AThe Different Dimensions of Barclays Bank38 [01/05/1996] p28Article
Swann, PFollow up - Finding those Links - Pease & Co.38 [01/05/1996] p35Article
Noon, PFollow up - Lancaster Banking Co.38 [01/05/1996] p36Article
Follow up - Messrs Holt & Co.38 [01/05/1996] p38Article
Follow up - Duty Stamps38 [01/05/1996] p39Article
Curphey, MBanks ring changes with telephone Service38 [01/05/1996] p42Article
Preston, MMore Branches to be pruned as takeovers bite38 [01/05/1996] p44Article
Parker AThe State Lottery38 [01/05/1996] p47Article
Rooley, PBarclays Centenary Exhibition - Saffron Walden Branch39 [01/08/1996] p05Article
Shaw, DHow not to Collect Cheques39 [01/08/1996] p17Article
Pitman, JA Bank where Social History is taken into account Drummonds39 [01/08/1996] p20Article
Woodall, D.P.Rising a Bank - Westminster Bank in Northwich39 [01/08/1996] p21Article
Turton, AThe Archive Collection of the Roal Bank of Scotland39 [01/08/1996] p22Article
Grant, G.L.The Banks Macardy Did Not Run39 [01/08/1996] p24Article
NatWest Group ArchivesEarliest Bank Pass Book - Smiths Payne & Smiths of 175839 [01/08/1996] p28Letter
Bishop, MCapital & Counties Bank - Exeter Cheque39 [01/08/1996] p31Article
Ruderman, AAshford Bank39 [01/08/1996] p32Letter
Offshore Banking Opportunity; NatWest - Sark39 [01/08/1996] p35Article
Dunne, HNatWest may axe 10,00039 [01/08/1996] p36Article
Reece, D & Dolan, LThe £230 Million Chain Robbery39 [01/08/1996] p38Article
Hadley, KLiterary Cheque List39 [01/08/1996] p41Article
Hamilton, A & Hastings, SInfluence goes beyond the World of Finance - Barings39 [01/08/1996] p44Article
Slade, PDate Blind Computers39 [01/08/1996] p45Article
Grant, G.LHalifax - Thrift & Trade39 [Sp Issue] p11Article
Shaw, DJonathan Backhouse & Co.39 [Sp Issue] p19Article
Shaw, DOrnate vignette on cheque form39 [Sp Issue] p24Article
Overprinted Cheque - RBS on Comm Bank of Scotland40 [01/11/1996] p08Article
Grant, G.LRe Lottery Tickets40 [01/11/1996] p16Letter
Macmillan, ARe earlier"How not to collect cheques" article40 [01/11/1996] p17Letter
Stoke Hall Nottingham for Sale - G. Smith of Smiths Bank40 [01/11/1996] p19Article
Powell Hendry, RA customer of the Limited (Manx Northern Railway Co.40 [01/11/1996] p20Article
Pitman, JMuseum of Money in Mint Condition at Bank of England40 [01/11/1996] p26Article
Bankers revise Banking Code40 [01/11/1996] p28Article
Banks urge Caution on Change40 [01/11/1996] p29Article
Woodhall, D PShredding Old Cheques40 [01/11/1996] p30Article
Poleski, LAmerican Page - Vignettes of Historical Figures on Checks40 [01/11/1996] p31Article
Wilkinson, WThe City of Glasgow Bank40 [01/11/1996] p34Article
Bank cashes in at Airport - Midland Bank at East Midlands40 [01/11/1996] p38Article
Shaw, DWhat's in a Vignette?40 [01/11/1996] p39Article
Hartley, W.C.E.Epitaph of a Huddersfield Bank Cashier40 [01/11/1996] p47Article
Lord, M- Commercial Bank of Scotland41 [01/02/1997] p09Article
Ellis, SBanks go slow on Faster Cheque Clearing41 [01/02/1997] p12Article
Lord, MYorkshire Penny Bank - A visit (Part 1)41 [01/02/1997] p16Article
Parker, ARE overprinted cheques - 2 American examples41 [01/02/1997] p20Letter
Guiness Publishing StudioRe Collections41 [01/02/1997] p22Letter
Lord, MMore Branches? - Vignette from Capital & Counties Bank41 [01/02/1997] p23Article
The Bank that Likes to Collect - (Allied Irish Banks)41 [01/02/1997] p24Article
Reynolds, NBanks Secret Assetts go on Show - NatWest41 [01/02/1997] p26Article
The Money Men Whose interest turned to collecting Art41 [01/02/1997] p29Article
Time Present & Past" Exhibition NatWest, Lothbury41 [01/02/1997] p30Advert
Switching Savers out of Obselete Accounts41 [01/02/1997] p31Article
Volt - Ronald, M.PEnjoy Coca - Cola Cheques41 [01/02/1997] p34Article
Shaw, DThe Oldest Printed Scottish Cheque41 [01/02/1997] p39Article
Shaw, DIn the Beginning………. Early days of cheque collecting41 [01/02/1997] p40Article
Binney, MThe Cheques in the Past -New Life for Old Bank Buildings41 [01/02/1997] p44Article
Cards Master the Millennium Riddle41 [01/02/1997] p47Article
Bien , MWelcome to the Bank of Tomorrow41 [01/02/1997] p49Article
McConnell, SCoutts Treasures42 [01/05/1997] p16Article
Lord,MKendal & Dent Ltd, Bankers in London42 [01/05/1997] p17Article
Keyser, S & Green, EBanking Life on the Ocean Wave42 [01/05/1997] p18Article
Gibb, AThe Oldest Printed Scottish Cheque42 [01/05/1997] p23Article
Missing Cheque - Postcard from R.B. of Scotland Glamis42 [01/05/1997] p24Article
Piper, DOverprinted Cheque - RBS on Comm Bank of Scotland42 [01/05/1997] p25Article
Grant, G.LThe Mark Lane Bank ( G.Barker & Co.)42 [01/05/1997] p26Article
Tedds, MHenry S.King & Co.42 [01/05/1997] p28Article
Manager of the Bank that won't branch out Harrods42 [01/05/1997] p30Article
Boraker, HThe Colorado National Bank of Denver42 [01/05/1997] p38Letter
Spence, RThe American Page - Small beginnings42 [01/05/1997] p39Article
Merrell, CSainsbury Banks on New Services42 [01/05/1997] p42Article
Lord, MYorkshire Penny Bank - A visit (Part 2)42 [01/05/1997] p44Article
Leapman, BEagle & Black Horse logos may be put down42 [01/05/1997] p48Article
Midland Bank plcA Century of Midland in Jersey 1897 - 199743 [01/08/1997] p04Article
Gold Medal for long serving Midlanders43 [01/08/1997] p15Article
Pitman, JU.S. meets Oriental at Barclays branch - 160 Piccadilly43 [01/08/1997] p26Article
Grant, G. LKendal & Dent Ltd, Bankers in London43 [01/08/1997] p30Letter
Invoice, Receipt & Messrs Woods & Co. North Shields Cheque43 [01/08/1997] p32Article
Nat.West. Bank to drop Ltd. from Lothbury Headquarters43 [01/08/1997] p33Article
Philips, A.E.Partnership Chart of Leyland & Bullins43 [01/08/1997] p34Article
Barlev, ZWhat is a Bank - Jewish Colonial Trust43 [01/08/1997] p39Article
Thornton, P. RBanks of Note - Halifax Banks43 [01/08/1997] p40Article
Midland Bank ArchivesSumptuous Supremecy Q. Mary Liner & Cunard S/ship Co.43 [01/08/1997] p44Article
Foerster, TCunard's Travellers Cheques43 [01/08/1997] p45Article
Tedds,MTatcho Laboratories cheque43 [01/08/1997] p50Advert
Lloyd's of London - NatWest Bank cheques for small amounts44 [01/11/1997] p09Article
Beale, TVisits to Drummonds & Child & Co's Archives44 [01/11/1997] p10Report
Grant,G.LNational Prov. Bank of Cheltenham & other Towns44 [01/11/1997] p26Letter
Lloyds Bank PlcLloyds Bank plc Law Courts Branch 1895 -199544 [01/11/1997] p27Article
Pitman, JJ.P.Morgan Investment Management Borrowing Art44 [01/11/1997] p32Article
Philips, A.E.A Short History of Leyland & Bullins Bank44 [01/11/1997] p34Article
Ladies only Bank closes - R.B.S. West End, Edinburgh44 [01/11/1997] p41Article
Burnham, RThe American Page. Now you have it, now you don't44 [01/11/1997] p42Article
One good turn deserves another - .J.P.Watkins & Co check44 [01/11/1997] p43Article
Foerster, TCunard's Travellers Cheques continued44 [01/11/1997] p44Article
Noll, J & Tedds, MThe Money Order Bank Ltd.44 [01/11/1997] p48Article
The present you could never give before44 [01/11/1997] p51Article
Purser, J CLloyds Bank Ltd. Edgbaston Branch44 [01/11/1997] p52Article
A 1% which could have ruined the Bank of England44 [01/11/1997] p54Article
Pitman, JNatWest Group's Heythrop Park45 [01/02/1998] p28Article
Vort-Ronald, M.PAustralian Gift Cheques45 [01/02/1998] p30Article
Grant, G.LTwo Elizabethan Notes of Hand45 [01/02/1998] p32Article
The Richardsons snap up the Bank45 [01/02/1998] p32Article
Gibb, AWilliam Logan 'The Scottish Banker'45 [01/02/1998] p36Article
Keable, DThe First Travellers Cheque45 [01/02/1998] p38Article
Poleski, LSherlock Holmes & Cheques45 [01/02/1998] p46Article
Boraker, HThe American Page - Dec 25th 188445 [01/02/1998] p51Article
Ellis, SBanks search for forgotten Customers45 [01/02/1998] p52Article
Lord, MThe 'New Look' Midland Bank cheques45 [01/02/1998] p53Article
NatWest to link cash tills to Net45 [01/02/1998] p54Article
Lord. MVisit to Twining's Museum & Law Courts Branch46 [01/05/1998] p05Report
Pitman, JCulinary History of Lloyds Law Courts branch.46 [01/05/1998] p14Article
De Mello, E.CThe Banking System of Brazil46 [01/05/1998] p16Article
Asian Bank sinks branches - United Bank Ltd of Pakistan46 [01/05/1998] p18Article
Myers, BAuction prices - Cumbrian cheques46 [01/05/1998] p20Letter
Myers, BPerkins Bacon Proofs being sold by Coincraft46 [01/05/1998] p22Letter
Shaw, DPostal Auctions - High bids46 [01/05/1998] p23Letter
Simpson, NComments re Postal Auctions46 [01/05/1998] p24Letter
Sherlock Holmes & Cheques - corrections to previous article46 [01/05/1998] p25Article
The Cheque Catalogue - sample spreadsheet for comments46 [01/05/1998] p28Article
Overend Gurney & Co Letter dated 186646 [01/05/1998] p28Letter
Bankers of Royal Appointments46 [01/05/1998] p29Article
Shaw, DThe National Prov. Bank of England & Its Cheques46 [01/05/1998] p30Article
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NatWest's 'Time Present & Past' Museum at 41 Lothbury47 [01/08/1998] p10Article
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L.J.C & Midland Bank Guernsey Cheque - stamped "British"?47 [01/08/1998] p21query
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Simpson, NFurther comments re a cheque catalogue47 [01/08/1998] p30Letter
Hutchings, JFurther comments re a cheque catalogue47 [01/08/1998] p32Letter
Robin, PBidding in our Auctions & comments re a cheque catalogue47 [01/08/1998] p33Letter
Grant, G.LNumbers now alongside the perforations on our cheques?47 [01/08/1998] p34Letter
Shaw, DBBHS Auctions - prices achieved & commissions on small lots47 [01/08/1998] p35Letter
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Who owns whom now ? - Building Society takeovers47 [01/08/1998] p37Article
Dunne, HThe American Page - "Softie" who took a Bank to a Nation47 [01/08/1998] p38Article
Doyle, MNatWest to merger with Wells Fargo47 [01/08/1998] p38Article
Bennett, NLloyds TSB to merge branch Networks47 [01/08/1998] p40Article
Diana Cheque for £6-50 sells for $3,800!47 [01/08/1998] p41Article
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Macmillan, AFurther info requested of item descriptions in Auction lots48 [01/11/1998] p23Letter
Macmillan, AComments re bidding at our Auctions48 [01/11/1998] p25Letter
Simpson, NAnswers re numbers by perforations on cheques48 [01/11/1998] p26Letter
Monahan, EHelp requested re Cornish Tin Mining Industry in the 19th C48 [01/11/1998] p27Letter
Simpson, NAnswer to query re "British" handstamp on Guernsey cheque48 [01/11/1998] p28Comment
H.S.B.C. Holdings Group ArchivesJohn Stuart & Co, Manchester cheque - any info please?48 [01/11/1998] p29Article
Barclays & NatWest, Opulent buildings on Piccadilly London48 [01/11/1998] p30Article
Grant, G.LMr Fish the Banker48 [01/11/1998] p32Article
Ellis, SInternet Bank to replace paper system - Citibank48 [01/11/1998] p35Article
Vort-Ronald, M.PThe Primary Producers Bankof Australia48 [01/11/1998] p36Article
Shaw, DSome reminiscences(&cheques) from the Scottish Highlands48 [01/11/1998] p40Article
Survey of cash machines on "Campus" & at Universities48 [01/11/1998] p44Article
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Preston, MNatWest Bank at 1 Princes St Restoration49 [01/02/1999] p12Article
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Andrew Buxton retiring from Barclays49 [01/02/1999] p20Article
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Banking on a Change - Ex Bank buildings in Birmingham49 [01/02/1999] p29Article
Bank of England - New Chief Cashier M Lowther49 [01/02/1999] p31Article
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The Great Cheque Snub49 [01/02/1999] p34Article
Midland signs off after 75 Years on the High Street (HSBC)49 [01/02/1999] p36Article
NatWest Bank now issuing left handed cheque books49 [01/02/1999] p38Article
Beale, TThe Royal Bank of Scotland Archive visit50 [01/05/1999] p07Report
Williams Deacons Bank Ltd. cheque St Anns St Branch Manchester50 [01/05/1999] p09Photo
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Abbey National Plc -" A Key to the Door" Publication50 [01/05/1999] p19Article
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Myers, BReply to John Stuart & Co, Manchester Bankers 33 King Street50 [01/05/1999] p45Article
Info required re The 2nd Halifax "Richmond" Building Society50 [01/05/1999] p49Query
HSBC Holdings Plc ArchivesMidland Bank - Bennetts Hill Branch50 [01/05/1999] p51Article
Preston, HEarly Bank of Scotland cheque 1859 - Theatre Royal Edinburgh51 [01/08/1999] p03Query
Brown, RCash machine pays double your money51 [01/08/1999] p10Article
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Lloyds Bank & the TSB to become one on 28th June 199951 [01/08/1999] p17News
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The 'New Look' Barclays51 [01/08/1999] p23Article
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Woolwich joins the Premier League, Merger news from B.S's51 [01/08/1999] p30Article
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Uhlig, RHole in the Wall Machine offers Cash & a Chat51 [01/08/1999] p36Article
Debit card usage boosts Visa numbers51 [01/08/1999] p37Article
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Miles, RCoutts may face Family Rival52 [01/11/1999] p37Article
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Carved Evils of Alcohol help to thwart Bank's Pub Plan53 [01/02/2000] p19Article
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Barclays Group ArchivesBarclays Eagle53 [01/02/2000] p20Article
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Simpson, JCo-operative Bank's Corporate Arm moves to Yorkshire53 [01/02/2000] p25Article
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Bank to be turned into Luxury Hotel Cox & Co. Pall Mall53 [01/02/2000] p28Article
Piper, DSir James Esdaile & Co.53 [01/02/2000] p30Article
Giedroye, RPrize Money" cheques, reminder of Africa's Bloody Zulu War53 [01/02/2000] p33Article
Bain, SAxe falls on Rural (Scottish) Branches53 [01/02/2000] p34Article
History under the Hammer - Items from Halifax Comm Bank54 [01/05/2000] p10Article
Woolwich Plc new publication re the Woolwich B.Sty History54 [01/05/2000] p11Article
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Wijeratne, ADes Res with High Interest (Ex NatWest Bank in Thames Ditton)54 [01/05/2000] p16Article
Merrell, CR.B.S to sell Lothbury after NatWest Victory54 [01/05/2000] p19Article
Wade, BInfo please on Dorriens Mello & Martins cheque54 [01/05/2000] p20Query
Nat Prov Bank Horsham cheque altered to Lloyds Bank Europe54 [01/05/2000] p21Query
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Collectors Corner. R. Fryer Banker - Wolverhampton54 [01/05/2000] p29Article
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De Mello, E.CBanco do Brazil S.A.54 [01/05/2000] p36Article
Wright, website54 [01/05/2000] p38Advert
Barclays Closures (12 in East Anglia) Photos & Text54 [01/05/2000] p39Article
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A Canny Bank for the kilted Classes55 [01/08/2000] p24Article
The Decimal Association - letter re metric weights & measures55 [01/08/2000] p26Letter
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Shaw, DBanking on Mr Mulready55 [01/08/2000] p28Article
APACS list of Accredited Cheque Printers as at May 200055 [01/08/2000] p31Article
Barclays takeover of Woolwich plc55 [01/08/2000] p35Article
A solid Dales Institution ( Hutton, Other & Co) Leyburn55 [01/08/2000] p37Article
You can bank on having a good time at the Griffin(Court Sq)55 [01/08/2000] p38Article
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Faster clearing of cheques deposited with Building Societies56 [01/11/2000] p13Article
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Campbell ,L.KCelebrity Checks - Joan Collins56 [01/11/2000] p25Article
Bucks & Oxon Union Bank - Sale of shares56 [01/11/2000] p26Advert
Ringshaw, GNatWest set to Launch Private Bank56 [01/11/2000] p27Article
Myers, BAuction at Great Urswick, Cumbria56 [01/11/2000] p28Article
Littlewood, FFleming Aims to Battle on the Middle Ground56 [01/11/2000] p30Article
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Yorkshire Bank in Merger Plan57 [01/02/2001] p14Article
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The Lancaster Banking Co.57 [01/02/2001] p24Article
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An Elaborate "Skit" Cheque57 [01/02/2001] p36Article
Chapman Shipping Ltd.Decimalisation - Round Shilling Accounting57 [01/02/2001] p37Letter
Britton, JBanks & Building Societies abandon ATM charges57 [01/02/2001] p38Article
Lord. MClydesdale & Yorkshire Banks to merge58 [01/05/2001] p07News
Lord, MEx Bank buildings still showing old Bank signs58 [01/05/2001] p07News
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Workington's Bank lasted 11 years, being let down by the City58 [01/05/2001] p27Article
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Lord, MBanking bill of 1652 set to net top price59 [01/08/2001] p11Article
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Godfrey, ACelebrity Checks - George Gershwin59 [01/08/2001] p24Article
Weaver, JThe American Page. Characters Behind Checks59 [01/08/2001] p26Article
Barclays Bank to open 50 branches from 8am - 8pm59 [01/08/2001] p31News
Lloyds TSB bid to takeover Abbey National thwarted59 [01/08/2001] p31News
Yorkshire Building Society Logo change59 [01/08/2001] p31News
When Banks brush with Crooks - with theft off to a fine Art59 [01/08/2001] p33Article
Purser, J.CReviewing the Past - A walk around Birmingham60 [01/11/2001] p15Article
Beale, TArchive visit to Coutts & Co.60 [01/11/2001] p16Report
Jobs in Store for Bank (of Scotland) Staff60 [01/11/2001] p17Article
Simpson, NMore about Letters of Credit60 [01/11/2001] p18Article
Parr's Bank Ltd letter showing branch appointments60 [01/11/2001] p21Letter
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No holds bard for the Banker Poet - Eddie George60 [01/11/2001] p31Article
Egg's Promotional Campaign60 [01/11/2001] p31Article
Woodhall, D.PChristian Name Abbreviations on Documents60 [01/11/2001] p32Article
Launch of a new Bank in Yorkshire -Handelsbanken of Sweden60 [01/11/2001] p33Article
Purser, J.C & Woodhall, D.PBirmingham Municipal Bank60 [01/11/2001] p34Article
Re fund for suffers due to Failure of City of Glasgow Bank60 [01/11/2001] p36Letter
Off to fight the Armada - demand for 12 /- to fund 1 man60 [01/11/2001] p42Letter
Grant, G.LTurning Points60 [01/11/2001] p43Article
Sterling Show - Euro from 1/1/200260 [01/11/2001] p44Article
Davies, DBuying Cheques on the Internet61 [01/02/2002] p07Article
The American Page - USA Irridation of Mail, Collectables61 [01/02/2002] p08Article
Lord, MInfo req'd on Vocalion Gramophone Co Ltd & Leslie Sarony61 [01/02/2002] p15Query
Vort-Ronald, M.PMemorabilia Sought by the Banking & Currency Museum61 [01/02/2002] p16Article
Hunter, TCheck your Statements - No one Else Does!61 [01/02/2002] p19Article
Tatcho" Laboratories Hair Restorer Credit Note61 [01/02/2002] p20Advert
Postal Order News, Orders are Orders61 [01/02/2002] p21Article
Blackmore, PReally Sir, A Camel ate your £400061 [01/02/2002] p22Article
The Bath Theatre Royal Company Limited61 [01/02/2002] p24Article
Preston, HOverend Gurney & Co61 [01/02/2002] p26Article
A Conversation Piece - Naval Savings Bank Davenport61 [01/02/2002] p29Article
H.S.B.C. ArchivesH.S.B.C. Barrow -in - Furness Branch - Bank photos61 [01/02/2002] p30Photos
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A Spanish Queen for England? 161461 [01/02/2002] p32Letter
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Sheffield Union Banking Co's new branch in Peniston61 [01/02/2002] p37Article
Grant.G.LThe Royds of Rochdale61 [01/02/2002] p38Article
Forming of new group - Barclays Tozer Ltd61 [01/02/2002] p41Article
Croft, MInfo required re William Thompson61 [01/02/2002] p12Letter
Walker, SLincolnshire Happenings62 [01/05/2002] p13Article
Farrows Bank Ltd.62 [01/05/2002] p14Article
The Royds of Rochdale - cheque & Letter62 [01/05/2002] p16Article
via Myers, BDistrict Bank Ltd, New Trustee Dept in Lancaster62 [01/05/2002] p19Article
A conversation piece…. Cox & Co receipt on card62 [01/05/2002] p22Article
Macmillan, AReply re Bank of New Zealand cheque with Nos by vignette62 [01/05/2002] p23Article
Macmillan, ARoyal Bank of Scotland cheque with 6 - 92 below vignette62 [01/05/2002] p23Photo
Sutcliffe, GTalk to IBNS Burnley Chapter - Intro to Cheque collecting62 [01/05/2002] p25Article
Information about Leslie Sarony62 [01/05/2002] p25Article
Grant ,G.LTurning Points III62 [01/05/2002] p26Article
M/cr & L/Pool D.B.Co.Ltd.To Executors re transfer of shares of deceased62 [01/05/2002] p28Notice
S Twining of R Twining & Co.LtdTwinings Bank 1825 - 189262 [01/05/2002] p29Article
Provincial Banknotes for Sale at Spinks Auction62 [01/05/2002] p34Article
S.Smith & Co Nottingham £5 note & Huddersfield £5 Note62 [01/05/2002] p34Article
An Unusual Dividend Warrant -"Odessa Waterworks Co Ltd"62 [01/05/2002] p37Article
Wakefield Crewdson & Co. The Kendal Bank62 [01/05/2002] p38Article
Preston, HCollecting Cheques63 [01/08/2002] p04Article
Grant, G.LInformation re William Thompson63 [01/08/2002] p19letter
The Days are Numbered for Card Fraud63 [01/08/2002] p20Article
Breingan, RMason Barrowman Company63 [01/08/2002] p21Letter
McCormick, J.NA "Yugoslav" Cheque63 [01/08/2002] p22Article
Sutcliffe, GA visit to Barclays Bank Archives63 [01/08/2002] p24Report
Interest stoppage on Gurneys & Harvey & H. current accounts63 [01/08/2002] p26Letters
Lloyds TSB Group Plc ArchivesLloyds Bank Ltd Cox's & King's branch63 [01/08/2002] p27Advert
Lloyds TSB Group Plc ArchivesSavings Bank Museum - Ruthwell, Dumfries63 [01/08/2002] p29Article
Toyne, SPrivate Banks forget the Middle Classes63 [01/08/2002] p30Article
C.W.S Bank PublicationThe Story of the C.W.S. Bank63 [01/08/2002] p32Article
Conway, BThe Lloyds -TSB Archive Revisited64 [01/11/2002] p15Report
Beale, TThe Royal Bank of Scotland Archive visit64 [01/11/2002] p18Report
Green Light for Hotel in Ex NatWest Bank in Southampton64 [01/11/2002] p19Article
Davies, Dwww. [01/11/2002] p21Article
Banks - a description64 [01/11/2002] p21Article
Ely, BThe Joys of Changing Your Bank in 200264 [01/11/2002] p22Article
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Smith, CBid for Note, make a Mint Nottingham & Newark £50 & £564 [01/11/2002] p31Article
Woodcock, BEnd of An Era - Barclays Bank Plain branch to Close64 [01/11/2002] p33Article
Beale, TEarly English Classic Cheques64 [01/11/2002] p36Article
Lord, MA Conversation Piece - Dividend Warrant for Bristol Dock Co.64 [01/11/2002] 17 & 41Article
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Sutcliffe, GCheque this Article65 [01/02/2003] p23Article
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An Interesting Cheque,Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China65 [01/02/2003] p28Article
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Parker, AThe Civil Service Bank Ltd. - Cheque & Letters65 [01/02/2003] p30Article
Stewart, COld Shares Worth a Mint65 [01/02/2003] p33Article
Outing, RLondon Private Banks65 [01/02/2003] p36Article
Via John EatonPennywise that Became an Institution,Yorkshire Penny Bank65 [01/02/2003] p40Article
Grant, G.LThe Southwark Bank Further Info66 [01/05/2003] p15Article
Line drwg of M/cr & L/pool District Bank H.O in M/cr66 [01/05/2003] p17Drwg
Grant.G.LThe Truth - Cautionary List, Incl Charing Cross Bank66 [01/05/2003] p18Article
Outing, RProvincial Private Banks66 [01/05/2003] p21Article
Talbot, W.PWarning from10 Downing St re Henry Tommey Jnr.66 [01/05/2003] p25Letter
Banks for the Memories - Park Row Leeds66 [01/05/2003] p26Article
Myers, BPress Association - No Bad Cheques66 [01/05/2003] p30Article
Liverpool Co-op Society cheque for 5/-66 [01/05/2003] p31Article
Parker, ABanks in Rochdale66 [01/05/2003] p32Article
Parker, AThe Fentons66 [01/05/2003] p33Article
Shaw, DAny Info on The Estates Bank Ltd.66 [01/05/2003] p35Query
Lord, MRichard Cane & Sons Dublin cheque66 [01/05/2003] p37Query
Rooley, PJames Darling, Agent for the Bank of Scotland cheque66 [01/05/2003] p37Photo
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Rooley, PBuying and Selling on the Web66 [01/05/2003] p41Article
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Outing, RPass Books67 [01/08/2003] p23Article
Simpson, NInfo re Richard Cane & Sons Dublin67 [01/08/2003] p29Letter
Grant, G.L.The Blackburn Bank Ltd67 [01/08/2003] p30Article
Alliance & Leicester Relaunches its Commercial Arm67 [01/08/2003] p30Article
Tetley, J.E.The Charing Cross Bank - Further Info67 [01/08/2003] p32Article
Grant, G.LTwo Mid Eighteenth Century Bank of England Cheques67 [01/08/2003] p37Article
A posting from Cyberspace? Japanese Financial Crisis67 [Aog 03] p39Article
Outing, RJoint Stock Banking Before 184467 [01/08/2003] p41Article
Beale, TA visit to the Bank of England Museum67 [01/08/2003] p11Report
Outing, RRadio Wales gets the message67 [01/08/2003] p12Article
A.E.PCheques in Decline68 [01/11/2003] p18Letter
Banknotes Under the Spotlight68 [01/11/2003] p19Article
An Interesting item - Charles Atlas68 [01/11/2003] p20Article
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Abbey National undergoes a facelift68 [01/11/2003] p40Article
R.B.S. buys First Active for 887 million euros68 [01/11/2003] p40Article
Post Office customers wooed with mortgages68 [01/11/2003] p40Article
Having a boogie at the bank - A Thailand bank68 [01/11/2003] p41Article
Myers, BPioneer cheque - Wright Brothers cheque sold for £1,150.0068 [01/11/2003] p41Article
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Sir Charles William Sikes69 [01/02/2004] p20Article
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Post Office Book is Finally Closed69 [01/02/2004] p24Article
Whitehead, TGift Postal Order69 [01/02/2004] p27Article
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Reply re when travellers cheques came into use69 [01/02/2003] p30Letter
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Forsyth, SBanking in Cromerty69 [01/02/2004] p32Article
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Rothschild Seeks Takeover to boost Private Banking Arm69 [01/02/2004] p35Article
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Technology Directs Cheques to the Exit69 [01/02/2004] p36Article
Rooley, PMore on the Internet69 [01/02/2004] p37Article
Pupils learn Victorian Values at L/pool Museum of Life70 [01/05/2004] p11Article
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McDonald, DGypsyfoot Enterprises old cheque lists to be aware of70 [01/05/2004] p12Notice
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Ashton, Stalybridge & Glossop Bank70 [01/05/2004] 13 & 14Article
Macmillan, ANorth of Scotland Bank Manager's Guarantee Fund70 [01/05/2004] p16Article
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Grant.G.LIsambard Kingdom Brunel70 [01/05/2004] p20Article
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Nat Prov Bank in Broadgate, Coventry70 [01/05/2004] p24Photo
Hamilton, ACaring Bank whose cheque found Q Mother's POW Brother70 [01/05/2004] p25Article
Grant, G.LSo what happened to the Banker's Debt70 [01/05/2004] p27Article
Web Banks70 [01/05/2004] p30Article
South Sea Annuities Receipt70 [01/05/2004] p31Photo
Martinez, JThe American Page. Texas Bank goes Entirely Electronic70 [01/05/2004] p32Article
Advert for Lloyds bank travellers cheques70 [01/05/2004] p33Advert
The Thirty - Five Shilling Taylors70 [01/05/2004] p34Article
Spence, RSuntrust Bank, Orlando - check photo statements70 [01/05/2004] p36Article
An Interesting Cheque - B.B.Ltd., St. Benedicts Norwich71 [01/08/2004] p18Photo
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The Cheque Bank, Ltd.71 [01/08/2004] p37Advert
Farrow's Bank72 [01/11/2004] p17Advert
Midland Bank72 [01/11/2004] p19Advert
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An interesting alteration to a bank name? Provincial added72 [01/11/2004] p21Photo
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Coventry First for your Flexible Friend72 [01/11/2004] p23Article
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The York Union Banking Co. Ltd. Resolution72 [01/11/2004] p29Notice
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Can you help? Black's Bank account72 [01/11/2004] p37Query
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Gilmore, GWhy Banks can reclaim cash for Cheques that are Cleared73 [01/02/2005] p20Article
Why Clearing takes so long73 [01/02/2005] p21Article
Another interesting alteration to bank name! Nat. Prov Bank73 [01/02/2005] p21Photo
182- cheque for John + Ichabod Wright & Co. Nottingham73 [01/02/2005] p22Photo
Sears, NCheques 'Drying Out'73 [01/02/2005] p23Article
Barclays Bank Ltd. of Jan 195473 [01/02/2005] p24Advert
Morgan, JChip & Pin Rollout Raises fears of Revival of Cheque Fraud73 [01/02/2005] p25Article
Advice on cutting banknotes in half and posting separately73 [01/02/2005] p26Advert
Prints, from Drawings, of the Treasury & B of E from 1820's73 [01/02/2005] p27Article
Bucks & Oxon Union Bank Ltd. A.G.M73 [01/02/2005] p29Notice
Rooley, PBanking History for Sale on the Net73 [01/02/2005] p31Article
The Bank of South Africa Ltd o/p National Bank of South Africa73 [01/02/2005] p37Photo
Lloyds Bank Ltd. of 195674 [01/05/2005] p15Advert
Let the Seller Beware!74 [01/05/2005] p16Article
Messrs John & Ichabod Wright & Co. - follow up74 [01/05/2005] p17Article
Lobley, MFrom Lombard Street to Logos74 [01/05/2005] p18Article
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Is t is a cheque? Siberian 1% unified bonds Certicate74 [01/05/2005] p30Photo
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Outing, RDifferent Values74 [01/05/2005] p32Article
Seven in Ten Banks at Risk from Cyber - Crime74 [01/05/2005] p36Article
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District Bank Ltd.75 [01/08/2005] p10Advert
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Can you help? Barclays Silver Scroll holder?75 [01/08/2005] p38Photo
H.S.B.C ArchivesHints & Maxims - the Personal Touch.75 [01/08/2005] p39Article
MacMillan, AAberdeen Town & County Bank 1875 Share Transfer75 [01/08/2005] p44Article
Cheque & Credit Clearing Company75 [01/08/2005] p47Article
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RBS Group ArchivesNational Commercial Bank of Scotland75 [01/08/2005] p66Advert
Lord, MLondon Trading Bank cheque for 2/6d75 [01/08/2005] p67Advert
The Midland Furnishing Co. Ltd.75 [01/08/2005] p68Article
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National Emergency - Bankers' notice re Evacuation in 194075 [01/08/2005] p75Notice
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075_031Nat.Prov. Bank Ltd. ""Malton"" rubber stamped over a Lloyds Bank Ltd., Malton, Yorks- unused cheque dated 192175 [01/08/2005] p31Photo
Bank of Liverpool letter announcing 1/2 yearly Dividend76 [01/11/2005] p09Letter
Lord, MComments re "Spoof" cheques on front & rear covers of Journal76 [01/11/2005] p10article
Spoof postal order for Sketchley Dye Works76 [01/11/2005] p17Photo
Comments re Lloyds/National Provincial cheque In Journal 75 S76 [01/11/2005] p18Letter
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Vort-Ronald, MMoneybox Information Sought77 [01/02/2006] p08Article
Important Info - PIN No required when using credit card77 [01/02/2006] p08Comment
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Gibson Hall - (formerly National Westminster Hall), Bishopsgate77 [01/02/2006] p17Article
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Restoration - How Far?77 [01/02/2006] p20Article
John Lennon cheque to be auctioned77 [01/02/2006] p20Note
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Letter to a Bank Manager77 [01/02/2006] p34Letter
A Marriage of Rivals? Mortlocks & Gurneys Vignettes77 [01/02/2006] p38Article
New style postal order78 [01/05/2006] p02Photo
The Coat of Arms of Midland Bank78 [01/05/2006] p02Photo
Torn Banknote sells for £55,200. Bank of England 170578 [01/05/2006] p08Article
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Bank Statements are just not being chequed78 [01/05/2006] p17Article
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Cheques at the Checkout78 [01/05/2006] p26Article
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Computer Issued Postal Orders78 [01/05/2006] p39Article
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What did Banks do after 3-30pm. Count & Recount Money?79 [01/08/2006] p22Article
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Bank Staff get Windfall ( H.B. of Scotland)79 [01/08/2006] p31Article
The Card they could hardly Credit ( Barclaycard)79 [01/08/2006] p32Article
Auction of a rare old Banknote,Epping & Ongar Bank £1 Note79 [01/08/2006] p35Article
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Background History of the Official Solicitor & P.T. Office79 [01/08/2006] p38Article
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Alliance & Leicester Account Transfer Changes79 [01/08/2006] p49Article
Mr Edmund Squire's Bank - Bury St Edmunds Cheque80 [01/11/2006] p05Photo
A modern Irish cheque! Bank of Ireland special 'Harland & Wolff'80 [01/11/2006] p11Photo
Tugwell Mackenzie & Tugwell Bank Cheque 182980 [01/11/2006] p13Photo
Beale.TVisit to C. Hoare & Co.80 [01/11/2006] p14Report
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Bank Strikes a Poignant Note for Best (George)80 [01/11/2006] p34Article
Fears Grow over Cheque Fraud80 [01/11/2006] p35Article
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The Anglo -Foreign Banking Co. Ltd. - Clerk's Agreement80 [01/11/2006] p37Agreement
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NatWest in Coventry celebrates a Century of Banking81 [01/02/2007] p34Article
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Treasury Plan Put on hold as Fiver proves a Survivor81 [01/02/2007] p36Article
Caplan, CHenry Austin's Buxton Bank81 [01/02/2007] p37Article
Bear -faced cheek is noted. RBS £5 Note - Jack Nicklaus81 [01/02/2007] p41Article
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Swann Clough & Co. of York81 [01/05/2007] p13Article
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A Dudley Family's Part in Establishing Dudley Old Bank82 [01/05/2007] p31Article
Henry the Magnificent" - Hoare's Bank in Fleet Street82 [01/05/2007] p34Article
Beckett & Co's Cheques & Coat of Arms82 [01/05/2007] p37Article
Sanderson, PCredit Card Cheques83 [01/08/2007] p02Photos
Boxed in by listing - Top Hat Boxes are safe at Midland Bank H.O83 [01/08/2007] p08Article
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Receipt of Barclay, Bevan, Tritton & Co. London of 184983 [01/08/2007] p19Photo
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Sanderson, PCredit Card Cheques84 [01/11/2007] p02Article
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A Northern Rock cheque84 [01/11/2007] p19Photo
Cook RIn at the Window & out at the Door - Northern Rock troubles84 [01/11/2007] p20Article
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Barclays Group Archives125 Years of Banking in Chipping Norton84 [01/11/2007] p28Article
Hull, LSir Peter Heywood saves Parkland from Developers84 [01/11/2007] p30Article
Swedish Bank in Coventry City Centre84 [01/11/2007] p33Article
An Interesting Cheque? Bruce Symes & Wilson, Dublin84 [01/11/2007] p33Article
Sanderson, PLloyds & National Provincial Foreign Bank Ltd. Paris?84 [01/11/2007] p39Advert
Spink acquire Collectors Gallery from Mike Veissid85 [01/02/2008] p10Article
Bank launches Islamic Transfer Scheme85 [01/02/2008] p15Article
New website aims to find lost [01/02/2008] p15Article
Martin. R .JRome Groan - High bank charges85 [01/02/2008] p16Article
Purser, J. CWesleyan Savings Bank -name change85 [01/02/2008] p17Article
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Gardiner & Compy. The Scotch House Ltd.85 [01/02/2008] p28Article
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M/cr United - 6 Feb 1958 Air Disaster Fund. Appeal85 [01/02/2008] p37Article
Bank of Deposit - 1857 Advert86 [01/05/2008] p16Article
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An Interesting Cheque? Wear Valley Railway Joseph Pease Jnr86 [01/05/2008] p33Article
Usurped by the Power of Plastic86 [01/05/2008] p34Article
The Rise & Fall of the Cheque86 [01/05/2008] p35Article
Grainger, DChanging Landscapes,Exhibition @Barber Inst of Fine Arts87 [01/08/2008] p07Advert
Press Release Re 50th Anniversary of Giro Bank87 [01/08/2008] p08Article
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Grainger, DBBHS - A walk round Birmingham City Centre88 [01/11/2008] p22Article
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Grant, G.LStamp Duty Doodles88 [01/11/2008] p26Article
Day, KWarwick Old Bank Building in Stourbridge88 [01/11/2008] p28Photo
Day, KWhy 'Old Bank' ?88 [01/11/2008] p29Article
Day ,KLeicester Banks - Partners' goings on!88 [01/11/2008] p30Article
Jones, TNorth of England Joint Stock Bank88 [01/11/2008] p34Article
Ornate Munster & Leinster bank cheque of 193889 [01/02/2009] 2 & 25Photo
Silver Anniversary of the Unity Trust Bank89 [01/02/2009] p09Article
End of free banking likely as credit crunch goes on!89 [01/02/2009] p09Article
Kerry, RDuty Stamps89 [01/02/2009] p15Letter
Parkes, D & Dr Carl ChinnBirmingham Municipal Bank89 [01/02/2009] p16Article
Bank hits 350! (Smiths in Nottingham)89 [01/02/2009] p19Article
Provident Penny Bank - reopening89 [01/02/2009] p21Advert
City Council ready to launch its own Bank( Bank of B/Ham?)89 [01/02/2009] p22Article
Purser, J. CThe Birmingham Co -op Society Ltd.89 [01/02/2009] p24Article
Lord. MBolands Ltd of Dublin - see Munster & Leinster Bank cheque89 [01/02/2009] p25Article
Day, KA Bank Clerk's Lot89 [01/02/2009] p26Article
Dey, IOld values pull in the Customers. (C. Hoare & Co.)89 [01/02/2009] p31Article
Garner, RBushey's First Bank - The London & South Western Bank89 [01/02/2009] p34Article
Bank of Liverpool & Martins Bank, Special cheques for Cunard90 [01/05/2009] 1 & 12Photos
Barclays Group ArchivesMartins Bank90 [01/05/2009] p13Article
Cheque & C. C. Co - plea for cheques signed by famous people90 [01/05/2009] p16Letter
Earl, T - Coutts & Co. ArchivesThe fate of the Clerks at Robarts, Lubbock & Co.90 [01/05/2009] p17Article
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Wade, BBanks of Cheadle, Staffordshire90 [01/05/2009] p27Article
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Ken Day on TV!98 [01/05/2011] p33Article
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